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BUTI® is a high-intensity program that fuses yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics.


+ Combines Strength, Flexibility & Cardio in One Workout
+ Challenging, High-Intensity Program that is FUN
+ Cultivates a strong, empowered community of women
+ Bridges the Yoga, Group Fitness & Cross Training Communities

Many students attest to their mind and body feeling transformed in just one class! We refer to this as “BUTI BLISS”! This transformation leads clientele to adopt healthier, more confident lifestyles.

Star Fitness SCHEDULE 
Monday's: BUTI Yoga 6-7pm at 90Ten -Tiffany
WEdnesday's: Buti Yoga 6:30PM at PAP-Tiffany 
Thursday Buti Yoga 6:00pm at 90ten -Tiffany
Thursday's: Buti Yoga 6:30-7:45pm -Noel/Lyndsae
   Friday's: Buti Yoga 9am at pap -noel
Saturday's: Buti Yoga 10am at pap -Tiffany
SUnday's: Buti Yoga 10-11:30am at pap lyndsae

If you are on your mobile and are not able to see the embedded calendar please scroll to the bottom of the page and hit "classic site" to enable OR please visit 

to register for classes. Pre-registration required. Space is limited. If you are having any problems please text or call Tiffany @ 360-980-0024 

Please click on the "Star Fitness Instructors" Page to see instructor Bio's :)

Star Fitness Operates out of 2 locations
Pilates At Play                 90Ten 
515 State Ave NE            8108 River Dr SE Suite #102
Downtown OLY    
       Olympia, 98501

Star Fitness Rates And Memberships
$10 - First Class 1st Time Clients Only
$20 - Drop-In    
Bring a Friend for $10 Deal!
Bring a friend to class and you both get class for $10 each!


$110 Unlimited Plus Glow; All classes PLUS Buti GLOW 
$99 Monthly Unlimited
$90- 8 Classes per month
$59.99- 5 Classes per month 
$49.99- 4 Classes per month
$28- 2 Classes per month 
$15- 1 Class per month 

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Tiffany Jolly is a nationally certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor 
specializing in a broad variety of fitness styles; most recently BUTI®. Tiffany 
enjoys ‘progressive fitness’ and staying ahead of the curve through continual 
growth and learning.

With over 10 years in the fitness industry Tiffany’s passion is focused on 
helping others feel happier and healthier while providing the support they 
need to reach their personal goals and feel great!
                                      Tiffany Jolly - (360)980-0024
Payments accepted: cash, checks payable to Star Fitness, All major credit cards.**

                    *Advanced Sign-Up (except for Drop-Ins) and 24 hour Cancellation Required
                                       ** Credit Card purchases + 3% service fee


BUTI is a female-empowerment lifestyle brand. Our signature movement fuses yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics and functions as the core of our wellness approach. Derived from the Marathi word Buti meaning “the cure to something hidden or kept secret,” our goal is to guide women through movement, nutrition and wellness that supports the female spirit — transforming lives from the inside-out. ™

In BUTI classes, we focus on spiraling movements aimed at unlocking the Shakti Spiral as well as releasing the hips to help energy flow freely in the 1st and 2nd chakras. BUTI® combines various styles of Hatha yoga with tribal-influenced dance sequences to keep the heart rate up, free the female spirit and help women form a tribe or sisterhood.

Our instructors are rigorously trained and are taught to lead their BUTI® tribe in an empowering and holistic way. It is our sincere hope that women will delve deeply into this practice, form a true sisterhood and learn to love themselves in an empowering way.

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